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Business CMS

Unlimited Lang+15 Ready
Full Responsive Design(RTL)
Auto Smart SEO System
Roles & Permissions Manage
Performance & Scalability
Advanced Analytics
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Fast and Powerful Management Backend

Control is completely in your hands with our Admin Panel!

Edit Account Profile

Easily organize user accounts and feel the power of personalization.

Dashboard Analytics Power

Instantly analyze your data with a dynamic control panel that displays statistics together.

Easy Management of Incoming Data

Check your form and subscription information quickly and regularly.

Home Page Wizardry

Customize your homepage in a few clicks - get an impressive look with sliders and sections.

Corporate Page Prestige

Enrich your company profile and create a professional image.

Summit in Services and Projects

Impress potential clients with a section highlighting services offered and successful projects.

Become Stronger with References

Build trust with customer testimonials and success stories.

FAQ Quick Answers

Help users find quick answers with the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Expertise in Blogs

Inform your visitors with interesting articles organized by tags in the blog section.

Drag and Drop Menus

Easily customize menus with Drag and Drop feature.

General Settings Power

Determine your brand's line with color, logo and meta settings.

Role and Permission Management

Ensure security by editing user roles and permissions.

Access Management

Quickly edit users' access rights.

Go Global with Translations

Easily export and import content and manage multilingual content.

Unlimited Editing Freedom

Add, edit and delete content as you wish.

Advanced List Features

Convenience features such as search, activation key, bulk deletion, category and tag filtering, page numbering.

Rich Text Editor

Make content more attractive with a rich text editor.

Drag-Drop Sorting

Easily arrange, drag and drop sortable items.

Enhanced Performance, Seamless Experience! Frontend

Advanced Technology for Impressive Experiences on Your Website!

High Performance

Ensure your content reaches users quickly and seamlessly.

High Accessibility

Remove barriers, making your content easily accessible to everyone.

High Best Practices

Stand out with a user-friendly interface and top-notch content management practices.

High SEO Performance

Gain recognition with SEO strategies optimized for high rankings on search engines.

Automatic PWA Integration

Seamlessly integrate advanced web applications automatically.

Fully Responsive Design

Perfectly designed for mobile, tablet, or desktop, ensuring an excellent user experience on every platform.

Impressive Animations

Captivate users with eye-catching animations and slide content.

Unlimited Slide Buttons

Boost interaction with an unlimited number of buttons on each slide.

Touch Swipe Carousel Cards

Explore content effortlessly with touch swipe functionality between cards.

Filterable Grid Cards

Quickly filter content by category and tags.

Bootstrap and Fontawesome Ready

Swift integration and elegant design!

Custom Design for Sections

Unique designs for each section to highlight your brand.

Animation Div with Scroll

Engage users with animated sections as they scroll through the page.

Multiple Contact Forms

Choose from a variety of contact form options to suit your needs.

Subscription Form

Keep visitors updated and informed about new content.

Social Media Sharing Options

Expand your content's reach with easy social media sharing.

Proportional Images

Achieve an aesthetic look with proportional images in various ratios.

Detailed FAQ, Search and Tag Pages

Comprehensive FAQ, search and tag pages for visitors.

Full Pagination and Cache for Performance

Caching and enumeration features for fast page loads and uninterrupted navigation.

Advanced Technology for Impressive Experiences!

Make a Difference in Management with Us!

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Drag and Drop

Easily manage your categories and menus! You can sort and hierarchize content by dragging and dropping it. Easily upload your files and images too!

Unlimited Nested Categories

Work more regularly and efficiently without getting stuck in limits. Try it now and learn how to manage categories. Discover the practical and fast way!

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Slider Management

Meet Advanced Slider Management!

Take full control of your slider design. Customize title, subtitle, text and alignment settings for each slide.

Bring your slides to life with effect options. More than 50 effect options and 4 different delays add the effect you want to your slides with the option.

Thanks to the button section, unlimited options for each slide. Add multiple buttons. Text for each button, set class, link, effect, delay and target.

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Roles and Permissions Management

You Have Full Control!

It's now much easier to manage users' roles and permissions. You can create new roles and grant permissions to these roles quickly and easily, from a single interface. Use a simple switch to add bulk or individual permissions.

Create new roles and easily add permissions.

Make user management more efficient and powerful. Now the control is in your hands!

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Fully Responsive

RTL Support

We pay attention to details that complement the functionality of smartekCMS.

No matter what type of content you add, your website will look great on all types of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Make your site more accessible to everyone! Easily share and expand your content with our website compatible with right-to-left (RTL) language support. Visit now for a global audience!

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smartekBlue Theme

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Full Responsive


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